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This site hopes to be the community managed public information spot for Boulder county and the cities in and around it.

Currently, Boulder Wiki has 12 articles.

A few articles you might be interested in:

Current Status

Community Bootstrapping

We're accepting applications for content contributors. To apply, create an account. For an initial push to fill out the content of the site, memberships must be approved to help combat spam and foster an atmosphere of contribution.

We're also actively recruiting dedicated content contributors and moderators. Growing a true community wiki requires //hundreds// of people actively maintaining the content and website. Get the word out!

Third party hosting

Miraheze was chosen to host the initial content push. It should serve as a place to author content regularly for early contributors and have stable servers for the incoming future. The wiki layout is familiar to anyone experienced with wikipedia and they have a sane upgrade path should the community grow to need more.

Future Plans

After about 200 pages are written, we'll begin to market to the community more aggressively. The purpose of committing to build 200 pages before actively marketing to the community is to build a decent first impression for the bulk of the community. Without a content base, the majority of Boulder residents wouldn't give a second thought to the project after their first impression.

After boulderwiki begins to become a actual useful resource with diverse content, a more open registration policy is possible. On a wiki, only an active community can properly flag, moderate, and manage content.